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Monday, July 10, 2006


This "found poem", generated by a spamming engine, was received in my email on Feb 20, 2004. I have added punctuation, line breaks, and a title.

Their golden carpet stinks.
However, mine purple recycle bin falls,
Or mine white baby calms down.

A small cat stares.
However, mine green bottle smells.

A given, expensive, beautiful MP3 player
Stares and perhaps...whose soft dog got an idea?
Any slopy Sony adheres.

His brother's white hairy little white bra is on fire.
Our small sofa stares.
The white, white forge spits.

Her daughter's round-shaped clock calculates.
Any given round bra lies.

His shining t-shirt calculates.
Our beautiful t-shirt sleeps.

Her round-shaped, smart, slopy pencil walks.
Or, maybe mine white sofa prepares for a fight.

His brother's odd shaped umbrella snores,
His brother's white forge fidgets.
His brother's noisy ram calms down.

Their purple picture makes sound.


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