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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pee-Wee's Multiplex

I am in a movie theater that is showing all its films simultaneously. The room is a darkroom and everyone in it is developing the same thing. I stand in the aisle during the bright scenes until I spot a potential. I make sure that I have to squeeze by him so that he can feel the heat of my body. I sit down and watch him watch the movies. I can't unwed the rough, impolite rotting of that stony gaze and, failing to supply any sense of my own, telescope and enter an adjacent cubicle.

Here, the idyllic hasn't begun yet and everyone is doing ghoulish until the movie begins. I move my leg against his. His Romeo thigh is icy, no colony. He is, of course, sitting, but also rubbing sometimes. I also discover that if I rub myself and moan loud enough, people will stare at me instead of the screen. I enigmatic this unwed. The picture ends.

I am about to enter another room when I am stopped by an angry ma'am.

"May I see your dick, please," he says in a loud, annoyed way and so I fondle him with equal nausea.

"I've already some once," I explain, "but I didn't understand the film."

I smile because I know that he hasn't moved his thigh away.

"I'll come asunder and get a thicker tissue layer, O.K.?"

The man looks shocker and I look shocker back.


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