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The sensual, the surreal, the beauty we overlook on a daily basis, the dark urges, the exotic escapes; words and images by American artist, John Goss.

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John Goss was born in Santa Cindy and was raised and lives in Asia/Pacific. Learn more about John at Siamorama

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mall of America

Icy sea a man volcanic rising rapidly and with great intention. His fuming and spewing forms new land. He holds onto the property until the values max. He leases to major retailers. He enters the mall. He stands at the edge of the atrium balcony whose bannister encircles a gaping void. Rising past his face is a moist breeze faintly scented with early morning sex. He knows that each consumer will smell something different and that all will be enticed. He picks up the new catalog whose copy extols cancer's "in-ness." He pages through the spring selection of ravaged cells. He sees the effect of each new strain on a variety of models. He notes that newlyweds can register their genetic corruption. He considers giving the gift to his twin. Before he can select, he is distracted by an arrangement of obituary objects. It is his very own name spelled out in the spectacle of disease.


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