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The sensual, the surreal, the beauty we overlook on a daily basis, the dark urges, the exotic escapes; words and images by American artist, John Goss.

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John Goss was born in Santa Cindy and was raised and lives in Asia/Pacific. Learn more about John at Siamorama

Monday, July 24, 2006

Lost Boys

You are so skinny, you say,
because your body's fed on its memories.

You shout this though I am just next to you.

You, who memorized my first kiss,
cannot retrieve my name now.

Speeding into space, your sobs come
few and far between.

You cannot imagine yourself anymore --
eye color, hair, the extent of your bruises.

Are you the cup's hard rim, the pill
in your throat or the hand you clutch but cannot see?

You ask if I am afraid as I bring you to sleep.


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